Graduated from The Art College of Harbin Normal University                                           

A member of Beijing Artists Association, of Beijing Female Artists Association. 

Currently a professional artist painting and exhibiting between China and USA.   



2017  Joint Show, La.Va Coffee, Philadelphia, PA, USA   

2016  Joint Show, Truis art Gallery, Bryn Mawr, PA, USA

          "Small Painting Exhibition", Admore, PA, USA 

2015  Open Studio, Philadelphia, PA, USA

2014  Art Expo NY 2014, New York, NY, USA

          Solo show, Toll Brothers’ Developers, Philadelphia, PA, USA

2012  Group show, West Chester, PA USA

2006  "Impression - Beijing", The Association Exhibition of Beijing Female Artists, Beijing, China

2004  The 100 Female Artists Exhibition of Baorenzhai, Award of  Excellence, Beijing, China

          The 10th National Exhibition of Arts, Beijing, China 

1998  The Exhibition of The Association of Beijing Artists, Beijing, China

1994  The Young Artists Exhibition, Heilongjiang, China


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