Graduated from Shandong Arts College.                                                                             Back to Art works 

Studied at the First Advanced Training Course of Oil Painting run by Chinese Artists Association.

Currently a member of China Artists Association, and a professional artist living and working in Beijing.

2017  Zhang Heping Exhibation, Haoli Gallery, 798, Beijing, China

          Joint Show, La. Va Coffee, Philadelphia, PA, USA

2016  Jont Show, Truis art Gallery, Bryn Mawr, PA, USA

2015  Joint Show, Truis Art Gallery, Bryn Mawr, PA, USA

2014  Art Expo NY 2014, New York, USA

2013  Taichung Exhibition Tour, Taipei, Taiwan                                

2011  Four Lines Warehouse-Arts Gardens, Taiwan

2010  Zhang Heping Art Exhibition, Korean

          Joint show, U.S. International, Inc. Solo Tengis, USA

2009  Beijing Poly International Auction, Beijing, China

2008  Beijing Poly International Auction, Beijing, China

2007  Itinerant Exhibition,Taiwan Museum;

          Beijing Poly International Auction, Beijing, China

2006  Zhangheping Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan

          Zhangheping Exhibition, Taiwan

          Four Rows of Warehouses Exhibition of Art, Taiwan.

2005  Solo Exhibition, Singapore

          Guardian Auction House Spring Auction Fair, Beijing, China

2004  The 10th National Exhibition of Arts, Beijing, China

          Guardian Auction House Spring Auction Fair, Beijing, China

2003  The 3rd National Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing, China

          The 100 Selected Works of Contemporary Oil Painting Artists of China, Beijing, China 

          Solo show, Beijing International Art Gallery, Beijing, China

          Solo Exhibition, Taiwan, Singapore and Tokyo

2002  Chinese Guardian Auction House, Beijing, China

          Beijing Zhong Hong Xin Auction House, Beijing, China

2001  Chinese Guardian Auction House in Spring, Beijing, China

          Beijing Rong Bao Zhai Auction House, Beijing, China

          Joint Exhibitions, Guangzhou and Shanghai, China

2000  Zhang Heping Art Exhibitions, New York USA and Taipei Tai Wan

1998  Brilliant Works of Chinese Art Exhibition, Beijing  China

1997  Still Life Exhibition, Beijing China

          The 8th National Art Exhibiition, Beijing China

1995  Zhang Heping Solo Exhibition, Singapore

1994  Oil Painting Exhibition of Chinese Flavor, Singapore and Malaysia

          The Grassland No.1 and No.2 collected by a Malaysian Museum.

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