2006 Graduated from ChengDu Academy of Fine Arts 

2009 Graduated from Chinese National Academy of Arts Oil Painting Studio.

Currently a professional artist.

Solo Exhibitions:

2016   " Class(96)  Grade 7 - Fu Yu Art Exhibition”, Beijing Hanrizon Art Space, Beijing, China

2015   “Endowed With A Wonderful World, Jiujiu Grade One - Fu Yu Exhibition”, Classic Elements Art Space, Beijing, China

2014   “When The Fairy Tale into Reality - Fu Yu  Solo Exhibition”, SO Art Space, Shanghai, China

2011   "Cold Happiness -  Fu Yu & Zhang Shuang Joint  Exhibition ", Chengdu Gallery, Sichuan, China

2009   "Conversation" - Fu Yu Solo Exhibition, Xiangdi Art Center, Shanghai, China

Group Exhibitions:

2017   “Understanding” Chinese Contemporary Young Artists Invitational Exhibition, Harizion Art Space,                      Beijing, China

2016   Art Shenzhen  Gallery Expo, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Harrison Art Space      

           Guangzhou, China

           Art Beijing Gallery Expo, Hanrizon Art Space, Agricultural Exhibition Center, in Beijing China

           "Slow -Saying", Harrison Art Space, Beijing, China   

2015   “Understanding - Chinese Contemporary Young Artists’ Works Invitational Exhibition, Harrison Art Space, Beijing, China

           "Sweep the Contemporary Art" Exhibition - The Cross Year Exhibition, Landscape Art Museum,      

           Beijing, China 

           "Youth Art +" Annual Exhibition, Beijing Museum  of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

           The 7th International Contemporary Art Fair, Somerset Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2014    "Youth Art 100" , Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

2013   Singapore Art Fair, IK Gallery, Singapore 

           Shanghai Art Fair,  SUOMEI Gallery, Shanghai, China

2012   "The 3rd 1912 New Stars Art Festival", Sanchuan Contemporary Art Museum, Nanjing, China

           "Art Singapore", IK Gallery, Singapore

2011    Hangzhou Contemporary Art Fair, Hanmo Gallery, Hangzhou Zhejiang, China

2010    "Art Guangdong Youth Artists Recommendation Exhibition", Jin Han Exhibition Center, Guangzhou 

            "Shanghai Art Fair - Youth Artists Recommendation Exhibition", Shanghai Mart, Shanghai, China

            Shanghai Spring Art Salon, Meisong Gallery, in Shanghai China  

            "Back to the Future", Meisong Gallery, Beijing, China
2009    "GREEN - Contemporary Art Exhibition”, China International Trade Center, Beijing, China
            Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai Mart, Shanghai, China

2008   Art Beijing Gallery Expo, Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing
           Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Wall Art Museum & Art Alliance,  Beijing
2007   "The First Invitational Exhibition of 70s Artists”, Jincai Gallery & Chinese Contemporary Gallery, Hangzhou / Hamburg, Germany
2005   "Graduates of National College of Fine Arts Nomination Exhibition", Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
           "The Third Live Art Festival",  North Lake Art Space, Beijing, China
           “Youth Art Exhibition in Shanghai”, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Ming Arts Center, Shanghai, China


2007    Won the Golden Award for the ”Mouse series”works in "The First Invitational Exhibition for 1970s      


2004    won First Prize Academy Award for installation  work  pf Family . Water"
            of  The Second Nongmin St. Contemporary Art 

Published works:

"FCC First Class", "pawn across the river - Southwest selection of young artists exhibition, after the first 70 Art Exhibition", the "May Fourth Youth Art Exhibition", "Contemporary Art", Art Pioneer "HI art "" art "publications, works in art alliance network, Arts International, Artron in the art, world art network, today art Network, art Pioneer, Shenzhen art, Bo Po art networkwebsite.


Works by Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery (Germany), Rainbow Beach Museum of Art (Beijing), Wall Art, Shanghai Art Museum, etc. Duolun institutions and private collections. 

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